About LSFL

London School of Finance and Law is based in London, UK, a premier international financial centre that boasts the highest net exports of financial services compared to its rivals across the globe.

London School of Finance and Law offers a wide range of online courses to tax, accounting and finance students and practitioners who value their time and opt for self-study to prepare for exams or undertake continuing professional development without interruptions in their careers.

Our courses have been designed to suit the needs of both practising professionals who wish to keep abreast of news in their industries and students who are preparing for qualifying exams in accounting, investment management, risk management, financial planning and tax law. The most popular programmes among our students are professional exam preparation courses for accountants and investment managers: IAB, ACCA, CIMA and IMC.

A number of our courses are particularly relevant for business administrators managing professional service firms as they provide guidance on the latest trends in financial management, operations management, marketing, human resource management, leadership and entrepreneurship in the financial sector.

We also offer English language courses for tax, accounting and finance professionals planning to move to an English-speaking country for work or further studies in their professional fields. We run English for Finance, English for Financial Journalists, Legal English and Business English courses as well as an IELTS preparation course for those who aim to pass the exam to study at a UK university.

We also offer support and online university preparation courses for international students who are going to apply to study business management, finance or law at a UK university in 2021 or 2022.

There are currently over 60 courses on offer. A full range of courses offered by London School of Finance and Law can be viewed via our Course Finder. You can also study for free on our Open Learning platform.

All our courses are recognised as verified CPD that can be supported by evidence, such as course notes, produced course work, tutor-marked end-of-course assessment and a certificate of completion. Each course content ensures that students engage in meaningful, tutor-curated experiential/workplace learning, professional skills development, reading and research. Individual records from the learning journal can also be transferred to a self-evaluation sheet as third party evidence for informal CPD. Moreover, our students can print out a letter of good standing as proof of LSFL membership should their professional bodies require additional evidence.

Specialising primarily in finance and tax law, our experienced lecturers have also developed teaching materials that are available for our members who teach business management, finance and tax law in further education establishments or deliver continuing professional development courses to tax, accounting and finance practitioners. A wealth of information on teaching methodology can also be found in LSFL Magazine which is published biannually and is available only to LSFL members.

You can register as an LSFL member here.

Image: London, UK, by Studio-FI / Adobe Stock