For Legal Professionals

London School of Finance and Law (LSFL) offers a wide range of online courses for law students and practitioners specialising in the areas of business law and tax law:

Short Courses

Company Formation, Management and Administration

Law of Contract

Law of Employment

Taxation: Corporation Tax

Taxation: Income Tax, National Insurance and Pensions

Taxation: Inheritance Tax

Taxation: Property and Investment Income

Taxation: Value Added Tax (VAT)

Professional Ethics in Accounting and Tax Advisory Services

Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Learning and Training for Personal Effectiveness at Work

Human Resource Management (HRM) in Professional Service Firms

Advanced Certificates

Taxation (UK)

International Taxation

Corporate and Business Law

Personal Financial Planning

Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates

Advanced Diplomas

Foundations of Law for Professional Practice in Finance

Financial Crime Risk Management, Regulation and Compliance

Operational and Strategic Management in Professional Service Firms

Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour

Investment and Wealth Management

Researching a Project in Finance/Law/Management/Education

Professional Qualifications

Professional Diploma in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Professional Diploma in Business Administration, Finance and Law

Professional Exam Preparation Courses






University Preparation Courses

Law and Legal Studies

Business Management

* Please note that all law and financial planning courses at LSFL, except for International Taxation, relate to the UK legal framework.

You may also study other courses in finance, tax law, business management, financial journalism and professional English. There are currently over 60 online courses on offer.

A full range of courses offered by London School of Finance and Law can be viewed via our Course Finder. You can also study for free on our Open Learning platform.

All our courses are recognised as verified CPD that can be supported by evidence, such as course notes, produced course work, tutor-marked end-of-course assessment and a certificate of completion. Each course content ensures that students engage in meaningful, tutor-curated experiential/workplace learning, professional skills development, reading and research. Individual records from the learning journal can also be transferred to a self-evaluation sheet as third party evidence for informal CPD. Moreover, our students can print out a letter of good standing as proof of their studies with LSFL should their professional bodies require additional evidence.

Our courses in business law and tax law are particularly relevant for students studying accounting and tax law in colleges and universities or pursuing qualifications with professional accounting and tax bodies, such as the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT), Chartered Institute of Taxation (CTA), Association of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and so on. Some students have just started to study bookkeeping, accounting and taxation to move into employment for the first time or to change to a new career area.

Our courses are also useful for tax, accounting and finance professionals planning to move to an English-speaking country (especially the UK) for work or further studies in their professional fields as they enable to get familiarised with the nuances of local accounting and tax rules, regulations and terminology in advance. We run English for Finance, English for Financial Journalists, Legal English and Business English courses as well as an IELTS preparation course for those who aim to pass the exam to study at a UK university.

If you teach tax law, accounting and finance in further education establishments, you can read LSFL Magazine available only to LSFL students. Published biannually, the magazine contains a wealth of information, articles and methodological materials that can be directly used by lecturers delivering academic, vocational, technical and professional courses in business management, finance, tax law and professional English.

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