For Educators

London School of Finance and Law (LSFL) offers a wide range of teaching materials and online courses for educators teaching business management, finance, tax law and professional English in further education establishments or delivering continuing professional development courses to tax, accounting and finance practitioners.

Published biannually, LSFL Magazine contains a wealth of information, articles and methodological materials that can be directly used by lecturers delivering academic, vocational, technical and professional courses in business management, finance, tax law and professional English.

The following courses in education are available for LSFL students:

Short Courses

Developing Reflective Practice in Educational Settings

Advanced Certificates

Online Education

Professional Qualifications

Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Advanced Diplomas

Educational Leadership and Management

Researching a Project in Finance/Law/Management/Education

You may also study other courses in finance, tax law, business management, financial journalism and professional English. There are currently over 60 online courses on offer.

A full range of courses offered by London School of Finance and Law can be viewed via our Course Finder. You can also study for free on our Open Learning platform.

All our courses are recognised as verified CPD that can be supported by evidence, such as course notes, produced course work, tutor-marked end-of-course assessment and a certificate of completion. Each course content ensures that students engage in meaningful, tutor-curated experiential/workplace learning, professional skills development, reading and research. Individual records from the learning journal can also be transferred to a self-evaluation sheet as third party evidence for informal CPD. Moreover, our students can print out a letter of good standing as proof of their studies with LSFL should their professional bodies require additional evidence.

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