The LSFL Centre for Research in Finance and Tax Law is developing solutions to the most pressing problems facing the society and corporate world today.

More effective business analysis and forecasting tools, innovative strategies for more informed financial planning, and financial industry’s growing commitment to sustainability – these are just some of our current research projects aimed at facilitating organisational growth.

Our researchers have particular strengths in investigating core areas of business management, accounting, investment management, business analytics and tax law. We conduct longitudinal studies in the following areas:

    • accounting
    • economics
    • economic history
    • financial mathematics
    • investment management
    • behavioural economics and finance
    • personal financial planning
    • business analytics
    • business management
    • business psychology and communications
    • tax law, financial laws and regulations
    • sustainable finance, ESG/IR investing, impact investing
    • professional education (finance, tax law, business management)
    • methodology of teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) – English for Finance, Legal English, Business English
    • research methods in finance, tax law, management science and professional education

Collaboration Opportunities

As an independent researcher or research institution, you may be interested in pursuing collaborative projects in business management, finance or tax law with us.

If you have any queries about research opportunities with London School of Finance and Law, please contact the LSFL Centre for Research in Finance and Tax Law at:

Research Funding

The LSFL Centre for Research in Finance and Tax Law has an annual scholarship fund of up to £3,000 (awarded competitively) for independent researchers who publish their finance-related original research with our School.

The submitted work can be in the form of a research report or journal article describing your latest research findings in accordance with set academic norms.

To apply for a scholarship, please contact the LSFL Centre for Research in Finance and Tax Law at:

Are you new to research?

London School of Finance and Law offers an online advanced diploma Researching a Project in Finance/Law/Management/Education. The course is intended for experienced professionals who want to upgrade their professional skills by developing research skills to investigate a topic of interest in the fields of business management, finance, tax law, business and financial journalism or education.

Learn more about the course