LSFL Magazine

LSFL Magazine

For Educators in Business, Finance and Law

LSFL Magazine is an electronic magazine for educators teaching business management, finance, tax law and professional English in further education establishments or delivering continuing professional development courses to tax, accounting and finance practitioners.

LSFL Magazine is published biannually by London School of Finance and Law and is available only to LSFL students.

Each issue of LSFL Magazine contains a wealth of information, articles and methodological materials that can be directly used by lecturers delivering academic, vocational, technical and professional courses in business management, finance, tax law and professional English.

The materials published in LSFL Magazine help educators improve their professional knowledge, competences, skills and effectiveness. They are useful for experienced teachers, teacher trainers, education administrators and advisers as well as for postgraduate student teachers who may be working either in formal or informal learning settings, carrying out research in teaching methodology or educational leadership and management.

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