Certificate of completion

In line with LSFL policy, students can be awarded a certificate of completion for successfully completing a part of an advanced certificate, advanced diploma or professional qualification in case they withdraw from a study programme prior to its end date due to personal circumstances or any other reason.

The awarded certificate of completion will bear the title of the study block covered during the course and indicate the number of guided learning hours (GLH) undertaken by the student to learn the study materials and pass associated tests to obtain necessary knowledge and skills in a given area.

There will also be an indication of a Merit or Distinction grade if the student has demonstrated exceptional academic achievements while studying a particular theme:

    • 60 – 69%: Merit
    • 70% and above: Distinction

The awarded certificate of completion is fully recognised as an official proof of completing a continuing professional development (CPD) course at our School since our advanced qualifications are structured around a number of shorter courses related to a larger field of study.

At our discretion, we may award an advanced certificate for a successfully completed block of study that ran for 4 month (128 hours) or longer.

If you are considering withdrawing from a study programme at LSFL, please contact our Student Support Team so that they can advise you further on the matter.