London School of Finance and Law offers online specialist courses for an annual subscription fee.

LSFL annual membership covers:

    • a wide range of online courses with specialisations in Business Management, Finance, Tax Law, Financial Journalism, Professional English or Teaching Methodology
    • professional exam preparation courses for accountants and investment managers (IAB, ACCA, CIMA and IMC) 
    • continuing professional development (CPD) courses for tax, accounting and finance  practitioners as well as for business administrators managing professional service firms
    • access to study materials, tests and exams via a dedicated virtual learning environment (VLE)
    • plenty of high-quality up-to-date materials for personal and professional development through independent learning
    • a balanced mix of online practice tests and tutor-marked assignments for each course
    • online end-of-course assessments or open-book exams
    • electronic text books for selected courses
    • electronic guides and practice books for exam revision
    • access to online library databases to find specific resources for assignments
    • biannual LSFL Magazine for educators in business management, finance and law
    • access to My Taxes Plus – a smart tax calculator for more informed financial planning, scheduled for launch in autumn 2021
    • an interactive course planner specifically designed to assist students in their learning journey and career progression
    • career advice for those who are seeking to move into employment for the first time or to change to a new career area
    • tutor guidance and support to help you achieve your learning goals more successfully
    • certificates of completion for successfully completed courses

LSFL annual membership fee for 2020/2021 academic year is £2,400 inclusive of VAT. 

Annual membership starts on the 1st date of the month when you enrol in your first course.

It is up to you how many courses you will study while enjoying the benefits of LSFL annual membership. But please note that our members are allowed to study only one advanced course per term, with a further possibility to take up to three short-term courses at a time. Our policy is to help everyone successfully master new material and develop necessary professional skills in a chosen area, which requires exceptional focus and hard work. Therefore, we advise you to create a feasible annual study plan so that you can complete selected courses in due time to meet your career goals and employer’s expectations more effectively.