Which UK Universities Are Most Reliant on International Students?

The latest figures show that international student recruitment has potential to expand across the UK.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), many UK universities remain reliant on international students, and that international student enrollments are likely to grow further as talks mount over extending the period of time international students have to find a job after they graduate.

The following top 15 universities are actively attracting international students and developing their international student recruitment strategies:

    1. University College London: 12,742
    2. The University of Manchester: 10,880
    3. The University of Edinburgh: 8,138
    4. Coventry University: 7,658
    5. The University of Sheffield: 7,486
    6. King’s College London: 7,054
    7. The University of Liverpool: 6,919
    8. University of the Arts, London: 6,689
    9. The University of Leeds: 6,566
    10. The University of Birmingham: 6,498
    11. The University of Warwick: 6,440
    12. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine: 6,277
    13. University of Nottingham: 5,896
    14. London School of Economics and Political Science: 5,776
    15. The University of Glasgow: 5,510

England has the most undergraduates by a margin of around 1%, but Wales has the highest percentage of postgraduates by 5%. Northern Ireland has the lowest percentage of international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK.

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